Knog Blinder Road Pack: Review


It would be hard to get me to use any other lights than KNOG lights. Quite simply because for me,  they tick ALL the boxes  ->>

Form, Function, Style, Innovation.. and … BRIGHTNESS. AND,  because when i find something good i am super loyal. Since their birth in 2003 Knog have been pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation with cycling accessories, especially with their lights. On the road to perfection they have had a few hurdles with materials, ie. the rubber which they use for connecting the latch. The rubber on older models has been a known weak point. The thing is with all innovation in design, is that it is trial and error. Knog have upgraded the rubber that they use and also started to include an alternative rubber piece with the Blinder Road Front lights to accommodate oversize bars which tend to put extra stress on the rubber part. This has been an excellent upgrade for those of us running oversize bars.



Blinder Road (Front) 2 + 3 : Visually the Blinder Road Front light reminds me of E.T., I like alien’s, so this is a good thing! It feels and looks solid, it is. We’ve tested both the 200 lumens Blinder Road 2 & 300 lumens Blinder Road 3. The Blinder Road 3 is a slightly larger and heavier head light but thats to be expected with another 100 lumens output. This light is incredibly bright. We suggest tilting it a few degrees toward the ground so that you don’t blind(er) fellow oncoming cyclists on the bike paths! The tilt will also help with increasing your visibility of the bumps and dips in road ahead. The wide beam from the twin 200/300 lumens LEDs setup on these WILL light your way beautifully even on the darkest of nights.


The main differences aside from the 100 lumens between the Blinder Road 2 and the Blinder Road 3 are: The 3 has Low, Medium & High Beam Toggle while the 2 only has Low & High // The weight – 105 grams for the 3 and 75 grams for the 2 // Physical size (see image below) // 11 x Light Modes for the 3 and 8 Light Modes for the 2 .


They charge via USB, which is becoming the norm with bike lights now – awesome. Adios environmentally UNfriendly cell batteries: charge from your computer USB port or 3rd party USB power supply. Charge time for both models is 5 Hours from empty to full charge. Burn time varies depending on which mode is selected.. on ‘eco flashing mode’ the 3 can get up to 9 hours burn time and the 2 up to 6 hours burn time. There is also a helmet mount included with both and a cool green USB extension cable for connecting to your computer for charging!


Blinder Road (Rear) : Like the Blinder Road Front lights the rear is a beautiful, solid, high quality piece of equipment. There’s something really satisfying about holding this light in your hand. It has a nice weight, its not light.. but its definitely not heavy.


Output is 70 Lumens which is almost double the output of the standard blinder 4v rearIt features 290° of side illumination, a strip around the outside of the light where the light also beams out.  3 Flash Modes & 2 Steady Modes .. maxing around 20 hours of light whilst on ‘Eco’ flash mode although I favour Fast flash which gets around 4 hours which is plenty for  a week of inner city commuting between charges (5 hours from flat to full). 



Both front and rear models are also 100% waterproof, when you get home from riding through a rain storm and your bike and rear light are covered in mud.. just remove it and give it a quick run under the cold tap! ( Be sure though to dry the USB connector completely before plugging it in for charging). We absolutely love this light set!
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