Melbourne Fixed Sessions

ITCHY girl’s only fixed skills sessions. Melbourne, Australia   SIM . RACHEL . ROMY . ERIN SIM . RACHEL . ROMY . ERIN   MEG . SIM . RACHEL . ROMY . ERIN


What’s in my bag? Ride essentials: Morgan

ϟ ϟ ϟ  ITCHY Team Rider Morgan Gore from After Eleven Apparel reveals the secrets of her everyday riding bag:   1. Chrome Cardiel Shank 2. Gigantic Chain Lock 3. House Keys 4. Black Ray Ban 1980’s Wayfarer…


What’s in my bag? Ride essentials: virginia

ϟ ϟ ϟ ITCHY Co-Founder & Team Rider Virginia:   Oh well, these bits and pieces are obviously not for serious heavy pedalling or the ride of my life, but I thought I should represent my daily bag…

Viola_whats in my bag

What’s in my bag? Ride essentials: Viola

  ϟ ϟ ϟ ITCHY Team Rider Viola shares with us the contents of her ride bag! [From top to bottom] 1. Seagull Messenger Bag 2. Nabiis Cycling Cap 3. Ortre Tool Kit 4. Ortre Pump 5. Campagnolo Water bottle 6. Grippp Leather Glove…


What’s in my bag? Ride essentials: sanso

  SANSO: Ideally i would ride free, but with the possibility of a puncture.. a photo opportunity, dry lips, adjustments etc.. i tend to carry ‘stuff’. I really don’t enjoy riding with a backpack so i…

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