Op Art on a bike

Here’s a mesmerizing teaser created by United Visual Artists besides with the german bike builders VANDEYK and curated by the great website NOWNESS. We think that after 30 hours of shooting the result is worth sharing. An…


cyclepedia exhibit, Portland Art Museum

FRIEND OF ITCHY AND GUEST CONTRIBUTOR PAT WALKER visited the Cyclepedia Exhibit at The Portland Museum of Art this year and has a little story to tell along with supplying us with a bucket load…

tricycle in Memphis (1970) william Eggleston

The big bikes

I was amazed when I first learnt that in Australia they have a list of “big things”. Mostly pop and commercial glass fiber sculptures erected in the 70’s and 80’s representing and becoming themselves one more of…


The invisible bike

We’ve already spotlighted Hövding, the invisible helmet.. so in trying to keep up the series of invisible bike-related things, here comes the invisible bike itself. An awesome project by the Chinese artist Zhao Huasen. One…

seo young deok dystopia

Sculpturing with bike chains

Quickly pointing two crazy projects from both artists miles away in concept and location but sharing the same material: bicycle chains!. They’re the Israeli Nirit Levav and the Korean  Seo Young Deok. Nirit is based in…


Olafur Eliasson on wheels

We couldn’t not make an excerpt on this other chapter of the bike as object of contemporary art. These are series of work by Olafur Eliasson, danish-icelandic elemental artist / designer. The installations are part…


Bicycles are for riding?

When usage clashes with display.. As art lovers, knowing that works of art aren’t normally created as daily life applications, but being devices for living too, I have conflicting feelings about the following pieces, that…

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