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FIXED ON FIXED is a beautiful  and inspiring short film by Raechel Harding  profiling five female bicycle riders and their love of riding fixed gear. Filmed in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year.   Featuring in order…


Behind the Scenes: Red Hook Crit Women

ϟ ϟ ϟ Red Hook Crit #7 finally saw the introduction of a Women’s Category. This is history in the making and so so incredibly exciting! From afar, all the way down here on the Island of…


Melbourne Fixed Sessions

ITCHY girl’s only fixed skills sessions. Melbourne, Australia   SIM . RACHEL . ROMY . ERIN SIM . RACHEL . ROMY . ERIN   MEG . SIM . RACHEL . ROMY . ERIN

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ϟ ϟ ϟ  Viola Tso has a fine taste in track bikes. She has built up some real beauties over the past few years. All steel frames, until this one:  Her very unique custom Aluminium Cyfac Mega Piste. [portfolio_slideshow exclude=2776,2780,2796]  …

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TOO EASY: gear ratio explained

Basic maths for knowing your track bike better Many of you curious peeps might have heard or read of what gear ratio someone is riding but without totally understanding what it’s all about. It’s a mystery,…

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Gear Calculator for iPhone

In my opinion, the best ever invention (aside from the bicycle of course!) is the calculator. Especially this one which gives the owner the opportunity to do math and/or write a little synth line whilst on…

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Disassemble To Assemble

A sweet video to inspire y’all to clean your bikes.. A clean bike lasts longer, looks better and rides like a dream!    

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