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Road Runner bags LA – women specific bags

One of our favourite bag makers Road Runner Bags out of LA have been working on women’s specific bags, this excites us greatly as some of the other well known cycle specific bags are just a bit…

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Mianzi Rei is one of our favourite riders and friends of ITCHY. She is so incredibly passionate about riding that it makes us want to ride even more than we already want to. Which is…

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FIXED ON FIXED is a beautiful  and inspiring short film by Raechel Harding  profiling five female bicycle riders and their love of riding fixed gear. Filmed in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year.   Featuring in order…


FilmNeverDie – Keeping film photography alive & clicking!

  ϟ ϟ ϟ Film is NOT dead. FilmNeverDie in Melbourne is proof. I have been collecting film cameras and shooting film since i was a teenager, my enthusiasm comes in waves for photography in-between and around riding…


Party times with Knog Party Combo!

Not a lot needs to be said about this lock. It’s simple. Clean, light, tight, no keys required! I keep it in my bag for emergencies, when i know i’m running in to a store…


ITCHY Member Spotlight: Marinna Rodriguez

ϟ ϟ ϟ ITCHY STATUS:  Member | NAME: Marinna Rodriguez| LOCATION: Ceres. CA. USA I’m Marinna Rodriguez from Ceres, California. I started riding around June 2012. My first fixed gear was a Purefix, but sadly…

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ITCHY Member Spotlight – contributor: Sarah Park

Introducing Sarah, new Seattle based ITCHY contributor. Sarah is going to be covering the Seattle scene, rider profiles, events etc. Super excited to have her onboard! It was a chance meeting while i was in…

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